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“Our aim as a brand was to be different, not be the exact same as every other lipstick on the market. Our packaging is different and exactly how we wanted it. We wanted to stand out and whether you’re touching up on the train on your way to work of a morning, or you are touching your lips up on your wedding day and someone snaps a photo or maybe it’s 1am and you’re touching up your lips in a night club bathroom and someone comments on it. That there is our aim, to be noticed for being different to create something eye catching, that people stop and ask about.” 

- Caitlin (Owner & Founder of Luxeva)

About Luxeva Cosmetics™

Hi, I'm Caitlin and I am the founder and owner of Luxeva Cosmetics™. You may also be familiar with my other businesses CAIT Makeup Artistry and Lashed co. by CAIT. I'm your typical 26 year old from Sydney, Australia working my little butt off to make something of my life. On weekdays I work your typical 9-5 job and on Saturday's  I work as a Makeup Artist. As a little girl I had always dreamt of one day making something my own, whether it was a fashion line, or a cosmetic line I just had always wanted my own thing - something I could be proud of and be able to say I did that, that is my brand! This of course is where it all began and in 2016, I created my lash line. It wasn't challenging enough though, and being a human just like yourself, we always want more! Mid 2017, I began works on the cosmetic line. Luxeva was launched in early 2018. The name Luxeva came from the word 'Luxe' high end, luxury etc. and 'Eva' is my mother's middle name. I am endlessly developing new products for the line, and in the years to come hope to bring them all to market.
I want to take a second, to thank each and everyone one of my customers past and present for helping turn my dreams into reality. 

I won't bore you anymore with my story, but please feel free to ask any questions you may have! Now, i'll let you get back to your shopping!

Love, Caitlin xo