Why are Luxeva Blenders more expensive than other blenders?

To get the unique 'heart' shape our blenders are all hand-crafted, this adds a labour cost to our goods that 'normal' shaped blenders do not have due to the mass machine production of them. We also have the highest quality and softest of soft sponge which is more expensive than just regular sponge material that is used in other blenders. 


What colour are your blenders?

Our blenders are actually a RED! Photos make them look pink though. :( 


Do you ship internationally?

No, not yet. We offer flat rate shipping to NZ though. Please see our shipping page for more details.


Do you offer MUA Discounts?

Currently we do not offer MUA discounts.


I wet my blenders and now they have gone a weird shape they also feel really dense?

Don't stress, there is just some water retention (water trapped inside) causing the blender to suck in! Simply squeeze the blender firmly into something that will absorb  the excess water eg. Paper towel. Your blender will slowly form it's 'heart' shape once again. 


Where are your lipsticks made?

The packaging is made in China, and the actual lipstick itself is made in the USA.


Are your lipsticks cruelty free?

They sure are, no little fur babies have been involved in the production of these!